When Should I Start Applying for Apprenticeships?

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There are many aspects to becoming an apprentice, but step one is to apply for an apprenticeship first. Sounds easy, but many find it difficult to know when precisely to apply. Is it better to do it in the summer or winter? After or before you leave school?

The answer can vary so pay close attention to this blog if you wish to find make the best out of your apprentice application.

Do Your Homework

The first thing you should know is that not all firms that takes on apprentices are the same. Some may take them on in January, others in September. It really depends on the organisation.

To be absolutely sure, it is therefore imperative that you do your homework. Look at the company website, investigate the deadlines for applications and plan around it.

Apply Early

Do NOT apply the day before the deadline. This is a bad idea and tends to leave little time for preparation if you get in, and it’s very rare that you will get in at such a late stage anyway.

Many firms have a long period of months for applicants so there is no reason to leave things until the last minute.

At Gloucestershire Engineering Training, for instance, we tend to open our applications in January in time for that year’s September students to enrol. That’s eight months of application-making time!

Some Tips

So, to sum up, here’s a couple of tips so you know precisely when to apply for your apprenticeship:

  • Apply as early as you can. Don’t leave anything to the last minute.
  • Look at what the company is after in an apprentice.
  • Find out the time applications close so you don’t get caught out.
  • Check the start date in particular - you don’t want to still be in school when an apprenticeship officially begins!

Now you’ve got some handy advice on applying to apprenticeships, why not check out the latest vacancies we have at Gloucestershire Engineering Training?