Where can an Apprenticeship in Maintenance Engineering take me?

Mechanical engineering apprenticeships are extremely popular, mostly because of the huge number of work opportunities available in almost all sectors of the engineering industry. Mechanical engineers can find jobs in aerospace, chemical, construction and electronic industries, and more. With years of experience, apprenticeship included, jobs can be found in a variety of different industries, including finance and management.

The average salary for mechanical engineers in the UK is around £30,000 per year. Though it’s important to understand that some fields can offer more than others, like biotechnology for example. This is mainly down to the fact that these jobs require a lot of responsibility, yet they are also versatile.

Jobs that directly relate to a mechanical engineering apprenticeship include:

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Investment Banking
  • Patent Attorney
  • Production Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Water Engineer

Whilst your apprenticeship could also be useful in other jobs, like:

Many mechanical engineer employers will value work experience and apprenticeships that relate directly to the career you’re interested in. Apprenticeship work is often hands-on, and therefore it helps to provide a good insight into the engineering environment as a real employee. Creating contacts with people in the industry can prove to be very valuable for future job prospects.

Mechanical engineers will deal primarily with the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of anything that has moving parts. This is why there are so many jobs readily available in a number of sectors; the world is technologically advancing quicker than we know it!

Generally speaking, getting into the mechanical engineering sector will mean you have plenty of opportunities both at home and abroad. An apprenticeship in mechanical engineering combines a number of skills including maths, science, technology, business, management and more. Apprenticeship courses are designed to ensure students have the ability to solve problems using logic and creative innovation, work with numbers and computers to a high level, plan and prioritise work to hit deadlines, pay close attention to detail, communicate with others in the sector and more.

Apprenticeships will have a strong focus on professional practice, after all you will be in a working environment, but you will also learn skills suitable for a range of different careers!

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