Why Are Apprenticeships Becoming So Popular?

apprentices learning in a workshop

Apprenticeships are now more popular among young people than they’ve ever been. While an unfair perception still remains that all apprenticeships amount to are second-rate degrees, many young people realise the value of them and take them on regardless.

What values have led them to make this choice? This is why apprenticeships are and will still remain a popular choice for career progression.

Learn Practical Skills

Every apprenticeship is centred around a profession that the apprentice wishes to progress in. This means that they pick up plenty of practical skills not only to do with that progression (cooking, building, engineering, etc.) but also other skills like team building and organisation.

Even divorced from the vocational aspect of their apprenticeship, apprentices develop skills which they can transfer to other careers.

Earn While You Learn

The most obvious benefit to apprenticeships, all apprentices have the chance to earn an income while they learn their vocation. The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.19 but don’t let that discourage you too much as you can earn more and work up to a higher wage.

It acts as a good motivational factor in any case as earning money gives you that sense of achievement which you feel is earned after a hard day’s work. It’s a departure from the learning environment you’re used to for sure, and many apprentices prefer this.

Income Potential

As mentioned, while you may start off close to the minimum apprentice wage, the potential to earn more is quite high, especially once you’ve completed your apprenticeship programme. By then, you would have gained the experience necessary to justify that pay rise.

If earning while you learn greatly appeals to you, check out apprenticeship pages for more details. At Gloucestershire Engineering Training, we give anyone aged 16 to 23 the chance to realise their potential.