Why Choose Engineering?

Many young people have a hard time figuring out what path they would like to go down in terms of career choices. Though engineering might not be a first choice for many, the sheer amount of young people who get into the industry is surprising. If you’re interested in engineering but aren’t sure why you should choose it as a career choice, this blog could help you.

A lot of engineers enjoy the fact that an engineering job is not like a typical office job, for example you get to think and build some of the most impactful inventions in our world today. There are a huge number of different paths that engineering can take you down as you begin to gain a variety of different skills. Engineers have the ability to solve problems, come up with different solutions and critically analyse solutions to ensure that they will be successful. Problem solving tasks will help you to gain a more logical view.

As an engineer, you will also have the chance to learn about how things work. Therefore, if you’re someone who has a curious mind, engineering would be a great industry for you to work in. Have you ever wondered how television screens make an image or how air bags know when to inflate? As an engineer, it will be your job to figure out how these things work and how they are able to be improved. Engineering helps people gain so much in terms of skills as well as knowledge.

When you venture into the engineering industry, it’s inevitable that you will encounter a number of problems, however you will also gain the skills and confidence in order to solve them. Engineering doesn't only help you in the work place, as it also helps with any issues you are experiencing at home, allowing you to think of logical ways to fix any issues.

Engineering is an industry that constantly keeps people on their toes, as it’s vital for them to think of issues facing the world and how to work around it. As an engineer, you will get a chance to improve the world by thinking of the most innovative inventions and solutions, and not only do you get to think them up but you can also start to build up these new innovative solutions and put it into testing. If effective, you career could be an extremely successful one in itself.

In the UK, the average salary for engineers is around £35,000 per year, which is a great, competitive rate and this depends hugely on the industry you get into. Whether this be the higher paid end of shipbuilding, to the lower end of environmental engineering, you’re still looking at a fantastic wage for an interesting job!

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