girl in front of wall drawing

The UK government pledged to make 2018 the “Year of Engineering” to encourage more girls to take on a career in the field.

Worrying figures showed that 8 out of 10 women, after some years in the field, dropped out of engineering altogether which experts rightly described as a colossal waste of talent.

But the number of women and girls entering the profession is slowly rising and here is how they’re already changing the world.

Protecting the Environment

Young people are particularly concerned for the environment, and, because teenagers would like nothing more than to change the world, more female engineers means we’ll have a better chance at saving our planet.

Already, they are installing solar panels in remotest part of Africa, designing better sanitation systems for refugees, and energy-efficient Formula One cars that burn less fuel.

Strengthening the Economy

With women joining the engineering workforce, this could mean an extra £2 billion a year for the economy as it creates more positions.

There’s nothing better than extra money for the economy, and with more and more women becoming engineers, this can only increase.

Bringing New Ideas

Having a different perspective on old ideas can bring true innovation. New female engineers are doing exactly that, providing that edge needed when it comes to creating and designing.

The energy-efficient F1 car, designed by the long-time engineer at Cardiff University, Karen Holford, is only one example of this. She, like many female figureheads in engineering, show the potential and talent all women can bring the table.

Dissolving Stereotypes

Engineering has long been associated with men which has been a large factor in why so many girls show no interest in engineering.

Experts agree that from a young age, girls should be encouraged to play with toy trains and cars then they may develop their interest in engineering further.

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