Why It’s Important To Say ‘What If’

In your final years of school, a lot of choices will be put forward to students even before they start with their final exams. What university do they want to go to? Where do they want to work? What does their career look like five or ten years from now?

Already, it can feel like you’re expected to have your entire life planned out. And you may already have your eye on a particular career, but don’t feel as if you have to have the plunge on a final decision just yet. Even Albert Einstein worked at a patent office before he went on to win a Nobel Prize. You never quite know where life will take you.

Choose Passion Over Prospects

There is a lot of pressure to choose a future that has great prospects. Often creative degrees are dismissed, as they may not pertain to a stable future. Or maybe you feel like a more apprenticeship-based college degree structured about a specific profession would rob you of a foundation to go into business later?

It’s always better to go with your gut instinct and study what you love. If you choose a career based on how much money you think you’re going to be learning later or on how fast you think you can move up the ladder, you may not end up ultimately satisfied.

Choose a path that you know you can dedicate yourself to. Success comes with motivation!

Get The Inside Story

If you’re thinking about a wide range of careers, try and get the inside story as to what that kind of career looks like. Reach out to people who are on the same path you want to be on in the future and get their input.

Do your own research and find out what awaits you if you take a particular degree and, most importantly, think ‘is this really what I want?’

Be Resourceful and Open To The Possibilities

What paths can you pursue with what you’ve done already? If you feel like your future career would need some additional experience, why not consider an apprenticeship? If you feel like you would need more ground work to enter a certain field, apprenticeships are a great way to get that needed experience. You could already be networking and learning whilst keeping up with study!

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