Why it’s Never Too Late to get into Engineering

If you’re considering a career in engineering but have previously studied different subjects, you should know that it’s never too late to get into engineering, or any subject you love.

Engineers are the past, present and future. The job remains in high demand because it covers a huge variety of society including buildings, cars, hospitals, machinery and much more. Whilst more and more people are being encouraged to study engineering from a young age, there are also many opportunities for adults.

It’s easier than ever for mature students to start studying. With so many options available and a variety of benefits to studying, even at an older age, what’s stopping you from getting into engineering?

Flexible Options

Whether you’re interested in an online course, part-time studying or an apprenticeship, it’s easy to swap careers. With such flexible study options available, you can choose whether you want to study full or part-time, working around any existing commitments.

Improve Education

Obtaining a qualification later in life can help to boost your self-confidence, leave you feeling fulfilled and proud. Many people find that succeeding within a subject they’re interested in can help to improve their overall happiness and morale.


Adding new qualifications to your CV is a great way to boost your career and giving you the option to change career paths. For those who are in a job that leaves them feeling miserable, learning a new trade can help you to find a new direction in life.

You don’t need to Quit

Opting to study for a new career path doesn’t mean you have to quit your current job role. You can opt for part-time studying that can help you manage your time efficiently and studying for a course that can add to your current skills will help you to explore further opportunities in your current role.

At GET, we provide work-based apprenticeships within the engineering industry to individuals in the Gloucestershire area and beyond. If you’d like to find out more information about how we can help you get into engineering, please contact a member of the GET team today by giving us a call on 01452 423461 or via our contact page.