Why to Teach Children about Engineering

Engineering is a subject that is very often not taught until secondary school, college or university. Children are fascinated with building things and taking them apart; a trait of engineers regardless of the sector. Teaching children about engineering in a school setting can have a number of great benefits.

Build Skills

Learning engineering from a young age can help to build skills in other subjects, such as science and maths. Engineering can also help a child to understand real-world technologies and problems, thus allowing them to see how their other school subjects are relative to their lives and the world around them.

No such thing as Failure

Many young children fear failure; they worry about putting their hands up to answer questions due to the fear of getting the question wrong. Engineering activities help to remove any shame that comes from failure. Failure is an important part of the problem-solving process and is a way of learning. There are also no correct answers in engineering as problems can have many different solutions.

Modern Skills

Engineering helps children to encompass modern skills. Students will learn a variety of different problem-solving skills that they will need to work together on, each using their individual knowledge to think critically and creatively whilst also communicating clearly and concisely.

Further Success

Teaching children engineering from a young age can explain why team work is so important. The skills learnt through engineering are vital for a successful career, regardless of their chosen field. Exposing children to engineering means they become more aware of the fantastic range of opportunities available in the engineering, science and technical sectors.

Engineering is a fantastic career opportunity that should be presented to young people of all ages. If you’re a young person interested in pursuing an engineering career, we offer work-based apprenticeships in the Gloucestershire area.

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