Why Time Management Is Such a Vital Skill

You probably hear people say it all the time, but time management is a vital skill, especially in the workplace. But why is this? Well, apart from the obvious benefits of being able to complete tasks on time, it offers many other rewards which will greatly benefit you and your employer in the long run.

Manage More With Less

Surprisingly, be able to manage your time works well in reducing the amount of time you spend on projects and wastes less of it on meaningless or unimportant tasks. Proper time management leaves no room for procrastination and lets you see which tasks can be done when for more efficiency.

It also allows you to estimate how long it takes to complete a task in general. For instance, if you’re tasked with cleaning the workshop, you can schedule roughly how long it will take and aim to complete it within that time frame.

More Satisfaction

Another surprising side effect of proper time management is the satisfaction you feel when completing a task. Knowing that you have one less thing to worry about breeds more productivity in general and allows room for speedier output.

In short, people who do not manage their time tend to have low job satisfaction and feel stressed all the time because they never know whether they’re coming or going.

Better Direction

In general, lack of time management breeds indecisiveness and this is a massive timewaster. If you manage your time effectively, you will reduce the amount of time spent in worrying if you’ve made the right decision and helps you complete tasks faster.

Instead of sitting there staring at your to-do list, create a schedule so you don’t waste precious minutes deciding what to do next.

Learn to Prioritise

One of the key things about effective time management is learning to prioritise. Which task is more urgent? In being able to identify which you need to complete first, you can aim to get said task out of the way so you can crack on with others.

Those who don’t prioritise or prioritise incorrectly find themselves frustrated because they realised they wasted their time completing a task which did not need to be completed. In other words, priorities matter. A lot.

Boost Confidence

As well as satisfaction, people with great time management skills tend to be much more confident too. This is because you are taking care of yourself properly. Sorting different portions of your day in the right way allows more time for relaxation and a chance to “get out of work mode”.

Not only that, but you’ll get a regular boost of confidence thanks to your sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed all those tasks you’ve successfully planned to do.

Time management is a great skill for any apprentice to have. Discover more by visiting our apprenticeships page at GET.