The engineering sector could always do with more bright and dynamic individuals to help in the advancement of automation and technology.

One particular kind of engineer the industry could definitely use more of are craft engineers, AKA engineering craft machinists. They form an integral part of the engineering field and, without them, the industry would collapse.

Why do we need more, and what exactly is so vital about the role? We have the answers right here.

What Is a “Craft Engineer”?

Put simply, a craft engineer is someone who works with metals, plastics, wood and composite metals to make parts for machinery so they can operate efficiently.

These include parts for things such as engines, domestic appliances, or even medical equipment.

The primary tools of an craft engineer’s trade include lathes, cutters, and grinders, however a range of other tools may be used for different jobs.

It is also important that a craft engineer knows how each tool works for optimal efficiency, as it’s integral for quality control later on.

Why They’re Needed

It should go without saying that craft engineers are needed because they form such an essential part of the engineering field.

Without them, all the little things that make machines work, such as motors, gears and wires, won’t be able to work. It would be like a human body without any nerves or tendons.

In short, craft engineers are needed because they’re currently in short supply and the more the industry obtains, the better off it will be.

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