Why the World Needs More Female Engineers

In the UK today, there is an alarmingly low number of female engineers. A recent survey conducted showed that they is only around 9% of females working in engineering. This is also the lowest percentage of women working in engineering throughout the whole of Europe.

Women’s Engineering Society recently revealed that only 16% of undergraduates in engineering degrees are female as well as only 4% of those who took part in engineering apprenticeships. These percentages have remained the same for nearly five years.

It’s vital that these numbers start to grow as the industry needs more female workers, and here’s why:

More Skills

Within STEM professions (science, technology, engineering & maths), there is a huge skill shortage. This has resulted in many becoming concerned that the workforce will not be able to supply the ideas and workforce needs of the country. Many engineering employers have explained how the shortage of engineers within the UK is a huge threat to their business.

As the UK’s engineering continues to expand as it has been, by 2022 we will need around two million new STEM professionals in order to keep up to date with an increasingly high-tech civilisation.


A huge aspect of engineering is being able to offer creativity and innovation. One of the main aspects to unique and useful ideas and inventions is being able to encourage new views. People who hold creative flairs and are able to adapt are essential attributes for those who want to work in STEM professions.

The progress made in STEM professions in recent years has been fantastic, though it has still come from a small amount of experts when compared to the majority of other invention based industries. Within all businesses, allowing a fresh, new set of eyes to look at any issues can help to point out flaws or bring solutions to the surface.

Due to this, increasing the number of women within the engineering industry could, theoretically, quick bring positive changes throughout the world.


Having a business that thrives in gender quality is always a fantastic trait to have. However, the ultimate goal for any business is the profit or turnover they receive. Many business managers are starting to realise that there is a link between the level of profit and gender equality.

American management consultancy, McKinsey, ran a recent study of which found allowing women to meet their full potential within an industry can help to generate an extra $28 trillion to annual gross domestic product in less than 10 years.

In the UK alone this could result in an extra £2 billion for our economy every year. Due to recent events like Brexit, there is an uncertainty regarding our economy. An extra £2 billion every year could really help to boost the country to accomplish some fantastic things.

Here at GET, we strongly believe in gender equality within all workplaces, including all engineering industries. If you’re a young woman, or young man, and are looking to further your career in engineering through an apprenticeship, you can get in touch with a member of our team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01452 423461. We hope to hear from you soon.