The term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first coined in 1956, but since then the term has evolved into something brand new and exciting. When we think of artificial intelligence we might think of Sophia the humanoid robot that has appeared on various talk shows and YouTube videos, cracking jokes and stunning the audience with uncannily human-like mannerisms.

There is a common widespread fear that artificially intelligent robots will eventually replace humans in the job arena because of the number of things that a robot can so efficiently do. However, many engineers believe that, rather than replacing the, the world of artificial intelligence is opening doors for the world that we may benefit from greatly.

Engineers sometimes use artificial intelligence to augment human problem solving in order to help them with new ideas. As renowned futurist, Maurice Conti, says:“Very soon, you’ll literally be able to show (artificial intelligence) something you’ve made, you’ve designed to a computer, and it will look at it and say, ‘Sorry, homie, that’ll never work. You have to try again’.” The high-functioning intellect of a manmade smart device might not stop there. Artificial intelligence could begin creating its own personality based on what it determines from a human and, from there, its own opinions.

Engineering is not only a career of practical knowledge; it’s also a creative process that allows you to invent ideas and tools that can help people. A robot, although it may be intelligent, cannot reach the very human state of raw creativity. We measure the intelligence of cats and dogs and determine that they cannot invent the way a human can invent; an artificially intelligent being has similar limitations.

Robots and engineers function in an almost similar way in terms of thought process. Both receive a ‘signal’ in the brain. But, humans think for themselves, which allows them to be genuinely creative. Robots can only function with the already processed information that they are given by us and cannot attain that higher level of understanding that an engineer might use to come up with an original idea.

The world of artificial intelligence might bring fears or worries, but it is also a fresh new world that any young engineer can get stuck into and there is plenty of new ground to be broken.

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