You can benefit from an Apprenticeship, and here’s why

Are you a young person who is interested in gaining an apprenticeship? Getting your career started within an apprenticeship scheme is the perfect way to obtain a head start in the industry you want to work in, and you’ll learn first-hand exactly how the industry works. Whether you’ve just left school or college, there are a variety of benefits to applying for an apprenticeship. Why not talk to your careers advisor beforehand for some pointers on the best way into your chosen career? We’ve put together the top benefits you can obtain from an apprenticeship scheme, hopefully persuading you to check the opportunities available in your area.


Apprenticeships are a very rewarding way of kick starting your chosen career, though at times they can be stressful and demanding. Once your apprenticeship is complete, the chances are that your employer will keep you on in the company, especially if you have proven how beneficial you are to the business. If not, the world is your oyster, and your years’ worth of experience will help you to obtain a job elsewhere. Getting industry experience at a young age is vital, especially when on the lookout for a new job, as it shows you have the skills other applicants may not, and not to mention the additional qualifications that come alongside an apprenticeship, too.


A huge advantage of being an apprentice is that you are constantly learning. Your employer or a skilled employee will always be around to teach you how things are done. As you’re learning on the job, you’ll be able to put the skills you’re learning into practice at all times. With someone on hand to help you at all times, any questions you have regarding to the industry will be answered immediately- so don’t hesitate to ask! Being confident and asking questions whilst taking on new responsibilities are a great way of showing your employer you’re a highly valuable worker for the business.


Unlike going to university, apprenticeships allow you to start working as a real employee, and that means getting a wage. Thus, you’ll be learning key skills from current employees and gaining fantastic qualifications future employees will notice, all whilst getting paid. It is likely you will start out on the minimum apprenticeship wage, but as your skills progress and your role in the company prioritises, your employer may wish to invest more money in you. Not only will this put a smile on your face every month, but it will also give you the motivation needed to work hard.

Days Off

Just like existing employees in the company, you’ll be permitted a certain amount of holiday every year- all of which is paid. Your entitlement is likely to vary depending on your employer and any agreements, but by law, you are permitted around 20 days paid holiday per year, as well as bank holidays. It’s important to remember that whilst in your apprenticeship, you are going to be treated exactly like one of the team and classified as a real employee.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship scheme to further your education, we can help you. To find out more, get in touch with a member of the friendly GET team via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01452 423461.