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Gloucestershire Engineering Training has been designing and delivering engineering and training programmes for large and small employers since 1977. We are the only training facility in the County managed by professionals from within Manufacturing & Engineering industries.

Some providers develop their courses to tie in with available funding, we don't. Our courses are 100% tailored to suit industry requirements. This means your learners are work ready from the minute they finish training. Our 95% success rate places our organisation within the top 5% of providers nationally.

In order to target a younger audience we have created the video to the right to be used when engaging with schools in the County to encourage the idea of engineering apprenticeships as a career choice to younger people.

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What’s the Difference between the Levels of Apprenticeships?

The level of apprenticeship you should apply for depends on the qualifications you already have, and there are options to progress further once you have completed your chosen apprenticeship.
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What makes someone an Engineer?

Engineering is a very broad term, and in fact there are at least forty different types of engineering.
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Why Apprenticeships are Attractive to Engineers

More and more engineering employers are discovering the benefits of employing apprentices, whether they employ a new member of staff as an apprentice or encourage existing employees to further their career.
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