Apprentices attending GET’s training centre will benefit from both practical skills training and classroom teaching, to give them a thorough grounding in all of the key areas required for a career in modern engineering. Upon completion of the programme, apprentices are ready to take on skilled positions in a range of engineering disciplines.

In order to work towards an apprenticeship with GET, all apprentices have to be employed, with a minimum of 30 contracted hours. Potential apprentices are encouraged to apply directly to GET who will support them with their search for an appropriate apprenticeship employer. Potential apprentices are also encouraged to apply directly to any advertisements they see in the local press or on the internet.

The recruitment process starts in January each year, after GET’s annual open evening.

Applicants can apply by completing a GET application form (see button below) and sending the completed form to

Once an application has been received the applicant will be invited in to GET to sit an initial assessment. This is a recruitment tool which identifies the strengths and areas for improvement within Engineering, IT, Communication and Numerical Reasoning. The Initial Assessment (comprising of 62 multiple choice questions) takes approximately 1 hour to complete. All applicants will need to undertake this initial assessment prior to being employed and before the training commences in September.

Immediately after the assessment you will be given:-

  • Feedback of Results
  • An explanation of the recruitment and selection process

Applications and initial assessment results from direct applicants are circulated to prospective employers who then select and contact applicants directly to take them forward to the interview stage of their own recruitment process. GET has no input into the recruitment decisions of our Employers.

To apply for an Apprenticeship, you will need a minimum of 5 x GCSEs or equivalent above Grade 4 (Grade C), including Mathematics, English and Science.